What are Features Unveiled in Latest Windows 11 24H2 Update

Mind-Blowing Features Unveiled in Latest Windows 11 24H2 Update!

Windows 12, the highly anticipated next-generation operating system from Microsoft, has kept tech enthusiasts on the edge of their seats. Despite its elusive nature, Windows 12 continues to captivate minds, as the possibility of a new milestone release looms. With Windows 11 facing low adoption rates, speculations arise that Microsoft might be ready to leave it behind and dedicate its efforts towards Windows 12.

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Window 12 is similar to window 11

The whispers are true: Windows 12 is on the horizon, but how will it stack up against its predecessor, Windows 11? While Microsoft hasn’t officially spilled the beans, rumors suggest a strong resemblance between the two. But is Windows 12 just a cosmetic upgrade or will it pack hidden punches? Let’s delve into the expected similarities and potential divergences.

Windows 12

Similarities: Familiarity Breeds Comfort (Window 12 is similar to window 11)

  • Core foundation: Both operating systems will likely share the same underlying architecture (possibly the “Germanium” platform), ensuring compatibility with existing software and hardware.
  • Design DNA: Expect a similar design language to Windows 11, with refinements rather than a complete overhaul. Think of it as an iPhone upgrade – familiar with a touch of fresh appeal.
  • Feature continuity: Popular features like the Start menu, Snap Layouts, and Widgets are likely to carry over with potential improvements.

Potential Differences: Where Windows 12 Might Shine

  • UI tweaks: Expect subtle refinements to the user interface, potentially including a revamped search bar and weather integration.
  • AI integration: Microsoft’s recent focus on AI suggests intelligent features like AI-powered assistants or enhanced multitasking capabilities.
  • Performance boost: Under-the-hood optimizations could lead to improved performance and resource management.
  • Cloud focus: Increased cloud integration might offer seamless file access and collaboration across devices.

The Verdict: More Evolution Than Revolution

While Windows 12 might not be a radical departure, it’s more than just a visual refresh. Expect refinements, performance upgrades, and potential AI-powered features that build upon the Windows 11 foundation. Remember, this is all speculation – stay tuned for Microsoft’s official reveal to see the true extent of Windows 12’s evolution!

Windows 11’s Annual Feature Update:

A recent announcement on the Windows Insider Blog revealed the upcoming Windows 11 Insider Preview Build (26052). While primarily focusing on an update for the Canary and Dev Channels, the blog post disclosed that “Windows 11, version 24H2 will be this year’s annual feature update.” Though not explicitly stating the absence of Windows 12, this official naming effectively dampens expectations for a Windows 12 24H2 upgrade.

The Future of Windows 12:

Microsoft’s reluctance to confirm the development of Windows 12 fuels assumptions that it may serve as the name for the culmination of their current feature updates. Thus, these updates offer glimpses into the direction Windows 12 will take, acting as a de facto beta version. However, the exact timeframe for a potential rebranding remains uncertain, possibly extending to 2025 or beyond.

In the Meantime:

Windows 11

While we await the arrival of Windows 12, exciting developments lie ahead with Windows 11’s version 24H2 update. The Windows Insider blog post already unveils a range of new features anticipated in the upcoming preview build. Get ready for the introduction of the Linux-familiar Sudo command, enhanced support for Bluetooth Low Energy Audio (LE Audio) hearing aids, and improved Copilot integration. For a comprehensive list of features currently being tested, visit the Windows Insider Blog.


Windows 12’s enigmatic presence continues to tantalise tech enthusiasts worldwide. Although the official release remains a mystery, Microsoft’s dedication to refining their annual feature updates offers glimpses into the trajectory of Windows 12. In the meantime, users can look forward to the imminent Windows 11 version 24H2 update, packed with exciting new features. Stay tuned as the future unfolds, bringing us closer to the highly anticipated Windows 12 experience.

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